Coupon 101: The difference between Trial size and Travel size

 The difference between Trial size and Travel size

I know this is a question that when you are first learning to coupon comes up, What is the difference between trial size and travel size? Well there is no difference, they are the same size and when couponing and your coupon says any you can use that coupon on it. However if it says excludes trial sizes, that means it can not be used on trial sizes (or the ones that are marketed as travel sized)

It is marketing to label the trial sizes as travel sizes. They are the sizes that when you are traveling fit great in your bag and they are for convince which is why they market them that way but when it comes to couponing they are the same. So even if it is in the “Travel” section and the coupon you have says excludes trial size you can not use that coupon on the “travel” sized ones.

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  1. beckythetechy says

    I have recently discovered this isn’t always the case. Some coupons state just trial size and now I’m seeing ones that state “excludes trial and travel”. If trial and travel were interchangable it would use the word “or” not “and”. I also read where someone called Purell to verify the difference, they said trial sized was .5 oz while travel was 2 oz and that her coupon would work since it only said trial and she was able to get those bottles free. I myself did the same thing with a shampoo coupon and it rang up fine on the register and it only said trial.

  2. freebie says

    that’s something each shop should add in their policy because cashier don’t know and will often not take it and managers won’t take it either but there is absolutly nothing mention in any stores policies about it so it really depends who scan those coupons. i think the best would be to contact the costumer service or the manufacturer and ask .

  3. Jacob says

    I had a coupon for head and shoulders shampoo $1 off two bottles. It said excludes trial size. I got 2 travel sizes bottles and the coupon worked. So this is not always the case.

    • Erika Sirgenson says

      Just because it “worked” does NOT mean it was used correctly. The fact that the product and brand was the same as stated on the coupon made it go through…not the size. The coding is not perfect by any means. That’s why it’s up to YOU to read the fine print and use the coupon correctly.

      • bolam says

        How many ounces are considered travel. Like on toothpaste. Dollar store told me it was 4 oz. The ones at dollartree range from 1.5 to 2.5 oz.

  4. Lacey says

    I agree that they are not the same. I’ve found that a trial size is when it is attached to another item as a sample. Like trial sizes are just the right amount for you to be able to sample. While travel sizes are specifically designed for the travel section of the store. I used a coupon that did not excite travel on a travel sized item that other said was trial and the coupon was accepted with no beeps from the register. I think what it all comes down to is the person you are dealing with behind the register and the manager. It’s ultimately their decision.

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