Holiday Gift Guide: X-Mini Speaker (Review)

I was given the new X-Mini Capsule Speakers to review and they are really awesome!  These speakers are super tiny – they fit in the palm of your hand – and they unlock and pop up to release their sound so they are extremely portable.  They even come with a carry case to store them in.  They came in handy in my house because I can’t clean without some serious music playing, but when I’m bouncing from room to room, I can’t blast my music loud enough to hear everywhere without blocking out my kids and the same goes for headphones.  These little speakers pack a lot of punch in a little size that I can carry around my house.  I also love how they can link to each other – I originally thought this would make these speakers louder, but instead it makes the sound richer – kind of like adding more speakers to a surround sound system.  One speaker sounds okay, but two is infinitely better, so I can imagine the sound just keeps getting better as you add speakers.  I had these hooked up to my iPod, but they can also hook up to any media player, laptop, computer, or music player.  They run off battery power that can be recharged by USB from you computer.  The X-mini II says it lasts for up to 12 hours while the X-mini v1.1 says six, and I can say the battery life seems to last forever – it certainly made it through my cleaning spree!  These speakers are a great headphone alternative, and they are almost as portable.  I’m even considering sticking them in my pocket for a run so my friend and I can both listen to the same music while we do laps!


You can purchase the X-Mini Speakers on Amazon :)



Disclaimer:This product is part of our Holiday Gift Guide, I was provided this product free of charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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