{Travel} How to Save Money when Flying

If you are flying there are a lot of different ways that you can save money.



I saw the prices and what was offered on the flight that I took this week and WOW! Expensive! Some of the things on the menu were 2-Bite cinnamon rolls ($2.99), Ham and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich ($5.79), yogurt parfait ($5.99), and snack boxes ($8.49).  You can not bring beverages through security when flying so you need to purchase any beverages you want to bring on the plane but you can save money on food easily.

  • Pack snacks- Many airlines offer complimentary snacks and a drink but it is normally a small pack of crackers or peanuts, however not all flights give complimentary snacks.
  • If you know it will be a flight during a meal time, pack a sandwich.
  • If you do not bring anything with you from home, get it while you are in the airport. It is still going to be more expensive then bringing it from home but it is a lot cheaper then buying food while on the plane.
  • Leave Beverages at home, you cannot bring them through security so leaving them at home will save you money since you will have to just throw them out at the security gate.



Some Airlines charge you for luggage and others do not but here are some ways you can save money on checking your bags and having to pay a fee.

  • Sign up for the Airlines Credit card, just because you have the card doesn’t mean you have to use it for anything other than getting the free perks that go with it.
  • If you are Military check what Airlines check your bags for free, there are a few that do.
  • If you are going on short trip use a suitcase that fits the carry on requirements, then you will not have to pay to check a bag.


Sign up for Rewards cards and mileage programs with the Airlines.

Even if you do not fly with them often some of them have perks and if you do fly often you can earn free tickets.  Companies that have the Rewards Programs (just click the name of the company and it will bring you to where you can sign up for the rewards programs with that airline.)

Activities for Kids:

  • Buy coloring books and crayons and small toys before you go on vacation, buying them at the airport you will pay over  5 times as much
  • Bring movies for the kids to watch on the computer or a portable DVD player, many airlines have tv screen built in the seats but to watch 1 inflight movie it is around $6


Travel Dates:

  • Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, those days are normally the cheapest to fly.
  • Avoid flying on Weekends and Mondays, those are the most expensive days to fly.


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