TLC Extreme Couponing Back but Not without their Normal Coupon Fraud Antics!

Ok so as much as I can not stand this show I did end up watching it last night. I DVRd it because during its show time I was not in the mood for it and was unsure on if I wanted to watch it or not and it got the best of me last night and I did. I totally wish that I could take that hour back and drain my mind of the HORRIBLE and UNETHICAL practices that were shown last night. Once again TLC has bluntly said “I don’t give a crap about anything other then the $$ in my pocket” (Excuse the language there but there is no other word for it). I know that people who are new to couponing are going to watch this show and hope to be like these “extreme couponers” however in order for these people to be considered extreme couponers and not extreme fraud would entail them to first use legitimate coupons!

By legitimate coupons I mean like in this clip below where the one shopper Angelique, is talking about using doritos coupons, I have NEVER seen a $3.99 off 1 Doritos coupon,so I went to the source, and called Frito-Lay and it was confirmed that there has NEVER been a $3.99 of 1 bag of Doritos coupon and yet she had 20 of them! (or so what she says but at the end of the episode they say she bought 31 bags of chips)

You can see on Jill Cataldo’s blog the evidence of the use of the KNOW Fake Quilted Northern Coupons.

Those who are new to coupons please do NOT compare your shopping trips to what you see on this show, it is just that a show and the actions and comments of these shoppers are just not the reality of what real couponing is.

Please don’t listen to what these people have to say about their shopping trips:

From boasting that they leave their wallet at home EVERY time they shop because there is always a zero total to the “Budget Bandit” (Where when she is using her FAKE Doritos coupons that Bandit name fits her well) says that she ordered coupons from a clipping site and that she does not normally to using fake toilet paper coupons there is nothing that anyone can learn from this show or these people other then


***I have talked to people who have been on previous episodes and they are nothing like what they were portrayed to be on the show, but at the same time they didn’t commit coupon fraud either where as these people have and it is what TLC apparently wants to promote, illegal activity and Fraud.

Check out my post on the Coupon Fraud and the  Importance of Proper Coupon Use on what the actions of other like in this weeks episodes does for others. We have all seen the manufactures putting more restrictions on coupons, limiting the amount that can be used in 1 transaction and lowering the value of coupons and if this keeps up I can only imagine what will ensue if garbage like this continues and  TLC as we all can see has made it obvious that they see nothing wrong with promoting illegal activities, helping people or doing what TLC’s name originally stood for “The Learning Channel”, now its teaching people what NOT to do!



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  1. tracy says

    Did they show the actual coupon? If not, it could have been a free product coupon…such as Free Frito Lay chips up to 3.99. Those have been around or could have been recieved for calling and complaining or bragging about the product, a win in a giveaway on a blog,twitter party, or whatnot. Deffinitly not defending anyone as I don’t watch the show. Just wanted to let you know that there are coupons out there like that. When you asked them did they mention free product coupons? The average bag of chips around here does cost $3.99 to $4.29. I have tons of coupons in my wallet right now that are for free coupons. They are all leginimate and came from the companies themselves.

    • Ramona says

      I disagree coupon companies usually don’t send 20 coupons for there product for free. This lady bought 20 bags of chip with a $3.99 coupon. There are never $3.99 coupons and I’ve been cutting coupons for about 10 years!!! This show is amusing at best. They are not showing the real deal with couponing. I write coupons and it rare the send you a coupon to get there product totally free. If you are writing to try it the coupon is just an extra push to buy it so you can get a little something off and they don’t send you 20. I wannt to know which company send coupons for to get your items free because we all want them. That show was not realistic to most people who coupon and it is misleading.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t watch the show last night. The last episode I did watch the women picked up several free products using high value coupons (like a large can of coffee) that don’t even exist. Extreme Couponing is ruining couponing for the rest of us. Several stores have changed their policies and manufactures put limits on coupons. I’m tired of it and I can’t wait for Extreme Couponing to stop being aired.

  3. Angela says

    They fail to also mention how much some of these people are spending on coupons. Sorry but You have to spend a lot some to save that much!!

  4. christine w says

    Thank you for pointing this out. I try so hard to use coupons. I have people that give me their inserts and still don’t save that amount of money. I email and phone companies and they do not send me any coupons. They are always getting alot of items for free when I see a $1.00 coupon and the item $7 or $8 . I single parent of 2 on unemployment trying to find a job. I am on a very tight budget. I wish they would be honest. I could use all of the tips possible. Thank you

  5. says

    Thanks for posting about the dangers of illegal coupon use. I personally can expect about a 20% savings between my clipped coupons and my in-store coupons…and that’s doing it the LEGAL way! If I work hard and pay VERY close attention, I can get about a 40-50% savings. Again, that takes a lot of planning. Plus, how about buying things you don’t need/won’t use just because you have a coupon? What sense does that make?! Rant over. Just wanted to say thanks for having integrity.

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