Cropping a Child from a Picture for your Profile = Scumbag??!?! Say WHAT!?!


So yesterday I took a really awesome picture of myself and my daughter. I normally am behind the camera and then most pictures I am in I hate and so my profile photo on facebook has been the same one forever and I hardly ever change it. So back to yesterday, I had gotten dressed, done my hair and make up for the Skype interview I had and while we were waiting for it to start my daughter and I were taking some fun pictures and the one I fell in LOVE with…


Here is the picture… LOVE IT! My daughter looks super cute and we are both looking at the camera (If you have kids you know what I mean by that statement) and I really liked the way I looked so I decided to use it as my profile picture.

SO here is the original Photo

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.51.47 AM

And here is what I am using for my profile picture

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.51.22 AM

Well apparently it got one person (a guy) on my friends list in a tizzy because I cropped my kid out and then used it as my profile pic. The person is single, has no kids and the end result is calling me a scumbag (Which was done immaturely I might add as a status update on their page)! WHAT!?!? Like seriously it baffled my mind that someone would get that upset about it. Especially since it is my page but I am sure when they have kids they will get it LOL.

I know I don’t have to explain myself but for the sake of it all I am going to

I am sure many of you know this…. When does a Mom NOT have their kid in a picture? Heck going to the bathroom alone is impossible taking a picture alone falls right along with it. So I am really not understanding the big deal.

I did it also because as you all know reading this post, I have the blog. My family did not ask for me to have this job and so I want to protect them, I don’t want people being able to find my kids names and information and nor do I want them seen unless there is a watermark on the picture of them…. and we all know how awesome a watermarked photo would be as a profile pic! I get friend requests daily from people I don’t know I don’t want pictures of my kids to be what people are finding.

I also as you know share photos of my kids and they are watermarked, there are weirdos out there and I don’t need them stealing pictures of my kids!

Anyone on my personal page can see all the pics I post, but that is what it is I know them personally and I am friends with them and as much as I love sharing things with the world about my family well there are things that I don’t like everyone and their mother to have easy access to…. such as my kids!


Don’t worry…. that person…well they can’t see pictures of anything anymore.

Do you see anything wrong with people cropping their kid out for a profile pic?


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  1. says

    I totally understand what you’re saying. The fact that friend called you a scumbag…. I would have a few choice words. But, I’m mouthy like that! I knew why you would crop the pic! I understand. You don’t have to explain yourself. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  2. says

    Your reasoning is of no consequence to me, that person is immature and should be ashamed of themselves. Also you and your daughter are both gorgeous.

  3. Kathy Gunthorpe Ashdown says

    Whoever it was that had such a fit over it, has their own issues. These days you can’t be too careful about kids, their images, and the internet. Enough said. Somebody needs to get a life….and live it!

  4. Theresa Alm says

    I have four kids and honestly I crop them out of my profile pics all of the time. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  5. Martha W says

    Your kid, your blog, your choice. People need to relax, some things don’t need to be questioned. I am amazed he thought it was cool to name call you for any reason. SMH folks these days. I rarely even use my kids real names on my FB page, I use nicknames so I can imagine the steps you have to take with having a blog. P.S I have cropped my young ones out of a cute pic of myself too.

  6. says

    Seriously??? Wow…sounds like you are better off unfriending them as they have no respect for you or your wishes. I have no problem cropping my pictures…everyone does it!!!

  7. Catherine M. says

    I don’t have children and I don’t see anything wrong with cropping your kid out of a photo. Normally, it’s people like me who have no prob with that…….moms are usually the ones to freak out. I’m sorry this person said anything to you but I’m really sorry this person was your friend. It’s hard to take criticism from a stranger but even harder from someone who knows you (or supposedly knows you). Maybe that person is afraid of seeming un-kid-friendly because they don’t have any? Regardless, you should do what you want. :)

  8. Bobbie says

    I agree with you, I never post pics of my grandkids on facebook are anywhere else, there are to many crazy people in this world. If you are a part of their lives you have their pics, if not you don’t need them anyway.

  9. Cea Bea says

    I have TONS of cute photos I NEVER share because, well, it IS the Internet…….
    So my kids have to get on MY computer to laugh at themselves, lol……….

  10. Christine says

    Not at all!!!I have 4 children and my profile pic, Icropped my daughter out…Some people have nothing better to do then to judge others!!!Keep your beautiful pic up and get rid of Mr. negativity!!!

  11. Mary Mudd says

    I dont see where you did anything wrong, in any way shape or form. I barely have any pics of me at all for people to see, and if I come across one that I really like, and want to cut the other people out of it, that is my business, and nobody elses. Im totally confused as to why someone would get that upset over something that has nothing to do with them in the first place. He is the one with a serious problem, and I hope you blocked him. What a weirdo. LOL

  12. Dana C says

    Sound like only a PERVERT would get that mad! Get rid of him now! I worked with Perverted Justice long enough to know that!

  13. says

    I agree with you completely. About 11 years ago I had to get a decent face picture to use for a profile. I didn’t have time to get photos done, so I took the best one of the more recent pics that I could find, then cropped away. Back then I did group home child care (licensed for up to 12 children – with a helper after the 6th child). The picture that I used was a group photo from the previous Christmas that we had done at the mall with Santa. I cropped out 10 kids, including my own two, and Santa. We’ve all done it, so don’t think twice. Some day your friend will get a better perspective.

  14. Marlene says

    I don’t think you have to explain yourself or your photo to anyone. I say block him and forget it

  15. Michele P. says

    geez, just a bit touchy… I crop pics all the time… mostly me OUT of the pics lol but to go off on you like that is totally unacceptable. Sorry that happened, the pic with both of you or just you is fine in my book- :) have a great weekend!

  16. Rose Garten says

    Well first of all his reaction was totally uncalled for. Not his child or wife so it’s none of his business. I understand your concern about posting pictures of your kids. While I understand you not wanting to use a picture for work that has your child in it, I think it looks odd because you can still see part of her face.

  17. Theresa R. says

    I’m sorry that happened but you know how some people are just bold when typing behind a computer screen. Some of the best profile pics I have seen of family & friends are from pictures where they did the same thing – cropped out their kids or family! First, it’s your page, so you can post any picture you like. But second, OF COURSE the best photos are going to be the ones with our kids because they bring so much joy that naturally comes out in a photo! Or perhaps the photo is taken during a family outing or vacation where one is relaxed and happy and the photo is fabulous!! Chalk it up to someone having a bad day, a difference of opinion, or no clue! I think the new profile pic is TERRIFIC!

  18. Elissa Indoe says

    Wow that pretty harsh of the name caller. Then again I don’t believe in child-centered universe. I love my child, but besides the best title of mom, I am also, titled Wife, Friend, Aunt, and Artisan. Sometimes I like to also just be me. I get hated on because I believe some places should be child-free, so I am surely going to hell.

  19. lesa barone says

    I think it’s none of anybodys business what you crop or don’t crop in your own photos. my goodness have we nothing better to do than mind other peoples business to such an extent. i am a loving mother and nanny and I believe that you can do with you pics whatever you want and it is no reflection on how much you love your children, for god’s sake. this person must have way to much time on his hands and needs to go hug his own children and teach them not to be judgemental of others. oop’s he hasn’t learned yet either…lol

  20. Heather Garcia says

    First off people on my friends list would never call me names…. he sounds like a friend you don’t need. And his craziness about cropping your daughter out of a profile pic, makes me think he may be one of those creeps you don’t want seeing pics of your daughter.

  21. Teresa Verhoestra says

    Your grown and have enough to worry about besides the person who wants to cause trouble. As long as you know who you are that’s all that matters.

  22. Chavonne H says

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It just means that you liked your face in that particular photo and wanted to crop it. That’s totally normal. That guy who got upset must be nuts.

  23. Rosie says

    I don’t get it? What should it matter to him anyway, its your page and he doesn’t have to look at it. Any how, great picture! What? How many pictures do we have of our kids…like 70,000??? LOL

  24. Ashley says

    I think your profile picture should be you. The page is about you. I get frustrated by friend requests when people have pictures that don’t include them! How am I suppose to know if I actually know someone if Spider-Man is their profile. Lets face it, I’m pretty sure Peter Parker wasn’t in my graduating class.

    I think it’s fine to crop a photo especially as a measure of protection for your children. You can’t be too careful!

  25. Victoria says

    you need to get photoshop and learn to take only yourself out of the picture so you can post it. that way no nuts will make any accusations about you. i agree, i don’t post photos of my kids for my public profile.

  26. Tanyetta says

    Don’t allow people to annoy you!
    Ok! So what if you were to crop yourself out of the photo and only posted your daughter??

  27. Mikayla K says

    Well like you said, you cant barely have a minute alone being a mom. So yes a pic without kids is a rare thing too. And you couldn’t help which picture you thought was totally awesome and turned out great. So, So What if you cropped them out!! Don’t let that stuff get to ya, you have been through enough lately anyways. Unfortunate that you got a reaction like that though. Crop Away!!

  28. Kim P says

    It’s your child, it’s your decision on whether or not you want her picture out there on the Internet. A very close friend of mine learned a lesson on “watermarking” pictures the hard way when someone “borrowed” a picture of her daughter, who happens to have Down’s syndrome, and used it on a different website. There were some pretty nasty comments written about her daughter, and on further investigation, she found out her daughter’s picture had gone somewhat “viral” and it took a lot of hard work on the part of her and family and friends to get it taken down. Now, all of the pictures she posts are watermarked so it doesn’t happen again (even her personal ones).

    BTW, I had also cropped my hubby out of a former profile picture…not because I didn’t want people to think I was “unattached”, but because I know he doesn’t want his picture (or ANY information about himself) on Facebook. If you’re a scumbag for cropping out your daughter, I guess I’m one for doing the same to my husband 😉

  29. Angel Burch says

    haha, I would have Photoshopped her out so no biggie. Some people have to complain about everything – I wouldn’t worry about it.


  30. Casey Kitchel says

    Amen! What’s dumb a…I mean man of course you don’t want your kids face it there, he is just mad because he probably wanted to steal the pic because he is a sicko!

  31. Heather P says

    There is nothing wrong with cropping your child out and it does not make you a scumbag. i think that its extreme to go as far as making a post about it. If this person feels so strongly about it and is offending then they could easily unfriend you. I am the same way when it comes to my daughter, everything is private on my Facebook and only friends can see my photos(95% if not more are family and the rest are friends) I don’t allow anyone to post pictures of her on their facebooks (well I ask that they respect that I don’t want them to) since you don’t know who they’re friends with. When I share pictures I only share some not all, I especially don’t post bathtub or and half or full nude photos of her. Grant it she’s two but I think those type of photos stay off the Internet.

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