*BEWARE* Coupon Fruad with the Snip Snap App



I need to bring to your attention an app that has made its way into the couponing world, it is called Snip Snap and the app is FILLED with coupons that are scanned into the app by users – by scanned I mean the coupons that we clip from the sunday paper, to coupons that are sent to people in the mail, basically coupons that are NOT allowed to be used more then once are being scanned with this app and then people are using the coupons on the app at stores..

Ok well first of all we are all NOT stupid and know that coupons say “coupons are void if copied, scanned, transferred, purchased, sold, prohibited by law, or appear altered in any way” which means that it is NOT allowed to be scanned like this app is doing and allowing.

A woman made the news for using snip snap app and stealing from Kmart…… YES! She really she was STEALING and made the news when she used this app and got over $2000 worth the stuff at Kmart for FREE using a coupon that was sent to My Way Rewards members that someone scanned into the snip snap app for everyone who uses the app to use…. (Thanks Jill cataldo)

Check this out from their facebook page- Tiffany from My Litter asked them on their facebook page about their app…

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.12.10 PM


Do you see that garbage coming out of his mouth? He doesn’t support it yet the coupons are on HIS app and when you take a look at his app (and his facebook page where they are still posting about using these fraudulent coupons and others) you realize that he is so full of it that it is not funny. He says he doesn’t support coupons fraud but it is all over the app that he owns and the facebook page that is for his app…. I call the BS flag on this one. He knows what is going on and you can tell he obviously just doesn’t care.

On top of the legit coupons (that are no longer legit once they are on this app), there are also FAKE coupons on this app! I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that this app is complete garbage, another type of coupon fraud and out right trash!

We talk about coupon fraud and how if affects us all and many of you know how I feel about the extreme couponers show  and the fraud that happened on that show many times and this is just another type of fraud that in the end will hurt us all.

While I hate to bring attention to such a crappy app that is going to cause us all problems as couponers (because garbage like this needs as little attention as possible so people don’t fall for the tricks and use it it is something that i can not sit back and let it go with out opening my mouth. Please share this with everyone that you know- make them aware that this app is nothing but getting people to commit a crime using an app made by a guy who doesn’t care because hes going to make a big buck off of it (Which my hope is that all that money he makes off of it still is not enough to bail him out of jail – yes you heard that right I hope he goes to jail!)

I know this is a long post – I know I am all riled up about this and some of you may think I have gone off the deep end BUT remember that when people do this type of thing it hurts EVERYONE who uses coupons – we all feel the affects of the coupon show – with many manufacturers putting limitations on the coupons that were never their before- can you only imagine what an app like this is going to do to coupon usage? Oh I don’t even want to think about it as there are times couponining legitimately is hard enough as is!

So PLEASE I ask you share this post with EVERYONE you know – get the word out there about how much this app is a piece of crap and maybe we can all put a stop to this app that could cost us all being able to coupon!

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  1. Bob Schumann says

    Just following up on the post from midget momma. She is correct that it is illegal to duplicate coupons, but more importantly, as a retailer, I can say without question that the application and coupons, if accepted by a retailer, can cause employees to lose their jobs.
    A couple of recent examples. We had a consumer come into our store and redeem a Snip Snap coupon. While our employee did not know what to do, she accepted the coupon ,( which was not a coupon we had out at the time but was shared from another store within our franchise chain). Wen she explained what had transpired the next day, we immediately thought it was just going to be a one time event and did not think much of it.
    It was 2 weeks later and we realized that this young clerk had quickly figured out that she could just tell us that she gave a $5 discount to a consumer, when in reality she did not. Rather she pocketed the $5 from each transaction. Since it was

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