Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Summer is right around the corner and if you are like me you don’t want the kids sitting around just playing video games but you want them to have fun and get out lots of energy. Here is a HUGE list of Summer Activities for Kids, that includes recipes, crafts and places you can go to have a TON of fun this summer many with out breaking the bank because there is so much that is FREE or really cheap to do!  fun things to do with kids during the summer


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Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Crafts to do with Kids during the summer

  1. Make Homemade Playdoh 
  2. Make a Hairbow rack
  3. Pool Noodle Fire Cracker Craft 
  4. Summer Journals 
  5. DIY Chalk Paint– great for getting the kids involved in home decorating
  6. Tissue Paper Rainbows 
  7. Butterfly craft 
  8. Family Photo Tree Craft 
  9. Picture Tile Wall Art
  10. Potato Stamp Craft
  11. Tye Dye 
  12. Recycled Crayons
  13. Sand Candles 
  14. Cup Bell 
  15. Sunshine Hand Print Sun
  16. Do It Yourself Sidewalk Chalk
  17. Harry Potter Wand Craft
  18. Ceiling Fan redo 
  19. DIY Flower Flip Flops
  20. DIY Moon Sand
  21. Bubble Painting
  22. Pop Bottle Rockets 
  23. DIY Magnet Chalkboard 
  24. Rice Box Activity 

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Activities to do with kids during the Summer

  1. Scholastic Summer Reading program 
  2. Free and cheap movies for kids during the summer at Movie theaters 
  3. Homemade Finger Paints
  4. Lowes build and grow
  5. DIY Rainbow crayons 
  6. Grow Asparagus 
  7. Disney Character Art 
  8. American Girl Store Activities 
  9. Free summer reading programsScreen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.28.09 PM
  10. Get $10 FREE For reading during the summer from TD Bank
  11. Home Depot kids workshops 
  12. FREE Bowling for kids all summer long 
  13. American Girl Instore Events
  14. FREE Activities as Bass Pro Shops
  15. Pottery Barn Kids in store events
  16. Reading at home – Find FREE Kindle books for kids on Amazon
  17. Whole Foods Kids Club
  18. Summer Jokes for Kids 
  19. Geocaching
  20. Be a pen pal with a soldier 
  21. Make Homemade Marshmallows – great for using with S’mores!
  22. Backyard staycation luau
  23. Build a fort with blankets
  24. Chalkboard Herb Planter
  25. Chores Bingo
  26. Blow bubbles
  27. Play hop scotch and use chalk to draw yours
  28. 15 Water Games for Kids
  29. Homemade Silly Putty
  30. Swing on the swings
  31. Have a campfire and make S’mores
  32. play tag
  33. play in the sandbox
  34. play hide-and-seek
  35. Read FREE Kindle Books– you do not need a Kindle to read them
  36. have a water gun fights
  37. have a water balloon fight
  38. run through the sprinklers
  39. have them come up with a lunch or dinner idea and have them cook it with you
  40. Washable Chalk Paint
  41. Sponge ball Toss 
  42. Ivory Soap Cloud Craft
  43. Go fishing
  44. Go on a hike
  45. find a local pond that has ducks and feed the ducks (make sure its ok first)
  46. Homemade Bubble MakerScreen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.30.23 PM
  47. Kids Skate FREE at select Rinks around the country!
  48. Colored Bubbles 
  49. Homemade Slime 
  50. Homemade Cloud Dough 
  51. Indoor treasure Hunt 
  52. Math Beach Ball Game
  53. Veggie picking – search online for local U-Pick farms
  54. Indoor Scavenger hunt 
  55. Conversation Starters 
  56. Summer Passports
  57. Sandbox Treasure Hunt 
  58. Duck Duck Splash
  59. Stick raft

Summer Recipes for kids

  1. Kettle Corn Recipe 
  2. 3 Ingredient Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
  3. Watermelon Pink Lemonade 
  4. Bagel Pizzas
  5. Grilled Cheese Roll-ups
  6. Copy Cat Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Hot Dog
  7. Hand squeezed Lemonade Recipe 
  8. Rainbow Cake
  9. Healthy Toddler Muffins
  10. Watermelon Jell-o
  11. Wend’y Frosty Copy Cat Recipe 
  12. Baked Banana Boats
  13.  Homemade chicken nuggets 
  14. Homemade Pudding Pops
  15. Rainbow Jello Cups
  16. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Bites Copycat Recipe
  17. Rainbow Cupcakes
  18. Sun Tea Science 
  19. Color Changing Milk
  20. Shaped Fruit Salad
  21. 2 Ingredient Cake 
  22. Trail mix 
  23. Cinnamon Sugar french toast sticks
  24. Cherry Dump Cake 
  25. Sour Grapes
  26. Oatmeal Banana Bites 
  27. Fresh and Fruity Frozen Pops

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