How to Keep Teens Busy This Summer

keep teens busy summer

How to Keep Teens Busy This Summer The last thing your teens want to do this summer is hang out at home, being bored. OMG Laaaame! However, letting our teens run off unsupervised all summer long is enough to set most parents into a tailspin of anxiety and worry! If you have younger kids to then check out 100 things to do with Kids this summer for some really awesome ideas! Fortunately, Smart Phones make it easier to stay in contact with teens … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Spring Into Gear: Bialette Aeternum Collection Cookwear

  I am sooooooo excited to bring you this Giveaway as a part of our Spring Into Gear event, I love mine (you can see my review here) and now I will get to share my new favorite cookware with you!!!   Mandatory Entry: Visit and read my Bialette Aeternum Collection Bialetti Aeternum 12-Inch Covered Deep Saute PanReview (will open in a new window) and leave a comment on THAT REVIEW POST (NOT this one) telling me what brand … [Read more...]

Spring Into Gear: Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids (with Inline Remote/Mic Control) {Review}


  We are planning a trip to Orlando Florida and I know with a 16 hour drive, and 3 kids with electronics (like the DS, tablet and portable DVD players) that the car could end up very loud. Not the way I want any of us to be while spending 16 hours each way in the car. The solution, headphones! While it is important to me to keep the volume down in the car, I also want to be sure that my kids are going to be comfortable and not use a … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Nintendo DSi XL (Review)


  I have shared with you a few different Nintendo products the past few months, the Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii and today I am happy to give you an overview of the Nintendo DSi XL. I know when picking out the right game system for your kids can be a challenge and you want to make sure it is a system that is right for your kids and they will be able to use it. We received the Nintendo DSi XL and there are quite a … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide:Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner (review)


  All I can say is I am in LOVE, no seriously I am. I hate cleaning floors, i can not stand the mop and bucket way, or the bucket and get on your knees way or even the simple wet jet mop way to clean floors. Cleaning floors is my least favorite household task to do and I have always wanted an easier way to clean my floors (read so I don't have to do it). So when the opportunity came to me to review the Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Griddly Headz Baseball Game (Review and Giveaway)


Got a baseball fan then this game is perfect for them! My husband is a baseball fan(ok so he likes every sport basically lol) and I am always looking for things that are in his interest categories that are unique and do not always just have his favorite sports teams names plastered all over them. This game is great for him, he can play it with the kids or just with me since there are 2 different sets of rules, the family rules and the advanced … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Mod Straps (Review) Perfect for the Photographer on your Shopping list!

cap saver

  Have you seen what the camera straps that come with most cameras look like? Yuck! They are normally black and rough and just have the brand of the camera on them totally not fashionable at all. ModStraps can fix that! They have an extensive line of camera strap that are all absolutely beautiful! When I was asked to do a review and asked which one I wanted to review it took me forever to pick one because they are all so awesome looking! … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Moxie Girls DS game review


Got a daughter who loves Barbie and Moxie Girls? Then she is going to love this game! Bringing the world of Moxie Girls to life in the game where you are working on a magazine is the perfect game for girls who love all things hair, make up, and fashion! There are 4 girls to choose from in the game, each one you are able to change their outfits and their hair styles. You can get very creative with the outfits and accessories (which is perfect for … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Hallmark Interactive Storybooks and Story Buddies(Review and Giveaway)

hallmark interactive storybooks and story buddies

  I love Holiday books and Holiday stuffed animals, they are such great ways to decorate the house with out having to worry that a child could get hurt or something could get broken. Hallmark sent me 2 of their interactive Story Buddies, Jingle and Cooper and they are both so stinkin cute! Both of the stuffed friends come with books that tell their story :) They are great for a fun night of cuddling and story time with the kids and we can … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: South Paw Studios Jewelry —Review & Giveaway

south paw studios

  Looking for some beautiful jewelry at a great price? Check out South Paw! I was sent the September Birthstone Sapphire Blue Crystal Necklace and I love it! It is nice and simple and great for adding to an outfit as you are heading out the door and want to have more then just the boring black sweater and jeans :) (I took many photos of the one I received and I am not a camera person and I could not get a picture that shows how pretty … [Read more...]