With this easy step by step (pictures included) how to you will be able to make all sorts of fun, tasty and beautiful tea bombs.

Using Isomalt to make a shell, then the shell is filled with a tea bag, edible flowers, edible confetti and other additions you can totally customize them wiith your favorite flavors and designs onces you know the basics.

How to Make Homemade Tea Bombs




stove top

20 Minutes

2 servings


Isomalt Tea Bags Food Coloring (optional)  Edible Flowers

Place isomalt into a glass measuring cup that is heat-safe. Microwave on high in 30 second increments, stirring between each increment until fully melted. Add about ¼ of the melted isomalt to one spherical mold cavity, using your spoon to press the isomalt up and around the edges of the mold. Repeat with 3 additional molds.

Put the filled molds into the freezer for 5 minutes to harden. Remove the filled molds from the freezer and gently peel the mold away from the isomalt half-spheres.

Place a tea bag into two of the isomalt half-spheres, leaving the tag of the tea bomb hanging out.

Warm your saucepan over medium heat, and when it’s hot, turn an empty isomalt half-sphere over and rub the flat edge of the isomalt shape onto the bottom of the pan until it just starts to melt.

 Immediately place the slightly melted isomalt half on top of an isomalt half-bomb with a tea bag inside. The two sides of the tea bomb will seal together in just a moment or two when the isomalt cools.

When you’re ready to drink your tea, simply place the tea bomb into a mug, then pour boiling or hot water over it. The tea bomb shell will melt and the tea bag will steep and any additions like edible flowers or sweetener will pop out and flavor and decorate it while it seeps in the hot water.

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