Elf on the Shelf

Curious about how to start the elf or ideas on how to breathe new magic into this Holiday traditions?


Where to Buy

First year with an elf or looking to add another?  They keep going out of stock but we are tracking it for you!


Introduce Your Elf

Introduce your elf to the family!  We've got some great tips to help you pick the best time for your family!



Welcome your elf with a fun letter!  We have letters for both new and returning elves!


Go Over the Rules

Print off the rules to help little ones remember how the elf works!


Naughty & Nice

Use these fun notices to help the kids know where they are sitting.  Fill it out with good or bad behaviors & leave for the morning.


Elf Didn't Move?

No matter how good your intentions, it's possible your elf might stay in the same place 2 days in a row. Here's how to explain to the kids!


Have Fun!

We have a ton of games your elf can play and leave for the kids!  Plus printable props!



When Santa delivers the presents, he takes the elves back to the North Pole with him.  Some elves like to leave a goodbye letter for their family!