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DIY Lottery Ticket Christmas House - Made with NJ Lottery for Holidays Lottery Tickets

Author Lauren


  • 4 Square lottery tickets
  • 4 small rectangle lottery tickets
  • 1 large rectangle lottery ticket
  • 1 medium sized rectangle lottery ticket


  • Take 1 large lottery ticket, I used the ($10 $1,00,000 Spectacular) as the base.
  • Take 4 square lottery tickets and tape them together to make a cube with the top and bottom left open. I used the $2 Happy Holiday ones.
  • Then tape the cube to the long lottery ticket.
  • Take 3 small rectangle lottery tickets and form a roof and tape to the opening of the top of the cube to form the roof. I used the $1 tickets for this part.
  • Tape another small rectangle lottery ticket to the front of the house to close off the opening between the roof and the house body. I used another $1 lottery ticket for this part.
  • Roll a larger lottery ticket and tape it so it is a cylinder. I used a $5 Happy Holiday for this part.
  • Add any extra NJ Lottery Holiday tickets you want to include inside the house with the opening in the back.
  • Tape the rolled $5 lottery ticket to the back to be the chimney.
  • Tada, your lottery ticket house is done and perfect for gift giving.