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Santa Handprint Ornament

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas keepsake ornament to make with the kids then you are going to LOVE this Kids Handprint Santa Ornament made with Air Dry Clay!
Author Lauren


  • 1 batch homemade Air dry clay
  • white tan and red paint
  • Black paint pen
  • Ribbon


  • Roll out your clay to 1/4 inch. Press your child’s hand into the clay.
  • With a pairing knife carefully cut around the hand print leaving a 1/4 boarder.
  • Make a small hole on the bottom of the hand print which will be your top, to be able to hang it from the tree.
  • Let it dry for 3 days. Paint the ornament white.
  • Paint the Santa hat leaving a small part of the thumb whit for the ball of the hat and a small part of the brim of his hat white.
  • Under the brim of the hat paint it tan for his face, leaving the rest white for his beard.
  • With the paint pen draw his face and highlight around the hand print.
  • Dot a small red dot for his nose.
  • Let the paint dry and then hang the ornaments on your tree.