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Jar with Copy Cat Satin Hands

Copy Cat Mary Kay's Satin Hands

Need a Copy Cat Mary Kay's Satin Hands recipe? This DIY exfoliating cream will save you money and give you all the same great benefits. Skip the makeup parties, save your money and have satin hands all the time.
Keyword Mary Kay Satin Hands
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Author Lauren


  • Dawn with Olay dish soap
  • Sugar
  • Jar


  • Fill your jar 3/4 the way with sugar then add Dawn with Olay and mix until it makes a paste.
  • Add the dawn little by little and stir it until it is a paste consistency.
  • You will not need much soap and mixing it with a knife is much easier than with a spoon (trust me I tried). If you add too much Dawn just add a little bit more sugar.