Slowcooker Apple Butter

Slow Cooker Homemade Apple Butter. A simple recipe for homemade apple butter that is made in the slow cooker.

Apple butter tastes like happiness in a jar that you are happy to eat with a spoon. A rich apple flavor with hints of cinnamon and spices.

There are so many different  ways  that you can enjoy apple butter. Spreading apple butter on some fluffy homemade bread is on of my favorite ways to enjoy it. It is also perfect for spreading on english muffins, toast, muffins and biscuits.

Apple Butter Recipe




Slow Cooker

11 hours



– apples – sugar – ground cinnamon – ground cloves – ground nutmeg

Peel, core and slice your apples. Place them in the crock pot with the sugar and cook on low for 3-4 hours, stirring about every hour. Add the spices in with the apples.

Continue cooking for another 8 hours or so with the lid slightly ajar to allow moisture to escape.

Stir every hour or two until you reach the desired thickness.

Once cooked fully, use an emersion blender to smooth. If you do not have one you can add all contents of the crockpot to a blender and pulse until smooth. – 

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