Christmas Deviled Eggs Recipe

Add some holiday spirit with a twist on a classic favorite: Christmas Deviled Eggs!

These festive deviled eggs are not only a great Christmas appetizer but are also perfect for snacking too!  

Water Food Coloring Mayonnaise Mustard Salt  Black Pepper Items for Garnishing


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Step 1

Make the hardboiled eggs by your prefered method.  Once the eggs are cooked allow them to cool. Once cooled peel and set aside.

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Step 2

Add water and food coloring to bowls. Slice the eggs in half and remove the egg yolk and set that aside.

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Step 3

Add the cooked egg whites to the water and food coloring to color.  Remove the egg whites from the water once dyed.

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Step 4

In a mixing bowl add the egg yolks and mash with a fork. Add in the mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper and mix well until everything is combined and you have a smooth mixture.

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Step 5

Add the egg yolk mixture to a piping bag and place the colored egg whites on a plate or serving tray. Fill the eggs with the mixture. 

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