Halloween Charcuterie Board

Learn how to make a Halloween Charcuterie Board! You will be loving all the ways you can get creative with food for Halloween!

Halloween Charcuterie Board

Prep Only


6 servings


20 minutes




– Decorative items – Dip – Cheese – Crackers or bread – Chips – Meat – Fruit – Veggies – Treats


Start by making your dip & prepping a container. You can use a small bowl or a hollowed-out mini pumpkin lined with foil.

Place two of your corner items. We used a decorative pumpkin in one and a wedge of gouda in the opposite corner. Then fill in from corner to center with various items, providing contrast in color and texture.

Take the salami then fold each slice like an accordion and arrange it on one side of the chips, repeat with the peppered salami on the other side of the chips.  Next, draw faces on your string cheese and place the ghost cheese sticks in the upper right-hand corner.

Continue placing items to your board.   Fill in any gaps with a small bunch of grapes or a fig. Place a few ghost chips around the board.

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