These vampire cookies are made with homemade chocolate chip cookies, mini marshmallows, frosting, and slivered almonds.

Vampire Halloween Cookies

Makes 24 cookies


Flour Salt Eggs Brown Sugar White Sugar Red Food Coloring Mini Marshmallows Slivered Almonds Chocolate Chips Baking Soda Butter Shortening Vanilla Extract Powdered Sugar Water

Make the chocolate chip cookie dough and then bake the cookies.

While cookies are baking make the buttercream frosting.

Once cookies are made and cooled and frosting is made cut each cookie in half to make 2 semi- circles.

On 1/2 of the cookie place the marshmallows into the front of the semi-circle Place the other half of the cookie onto the top of the marshmallows gently pressing down so the top will stick.

Add two slivered almonds to the front of the cookie leaving a small space in between to create the vampire fangs.

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