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Sandwich Bag Green House

DIY Sandwich Bag Green House kids activity

Teach the kids how plants grow with this DIY Sandwich Bag Green House kids activity. All you need is a bean or seed, paper towel and a ziplock baggie.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Author Lauren


  • 1 sheet construction paper or the printable garden house
  • 1 sandwich ziplock bag
  • Scissors
  • marker
  • tape
  • 2 sheets of paper towels


  • water
  • 6 beans or seeds


  • If you are not using the garden house printable, then trace a sandwich bag to make sure your house is big enough to hide the bag.
  • Add a roof to the house by making a triangle at the top of the lines from tracing the sandwich bag.
  • Cut out the shape of the house.
  • Draw a square in the middle of the house and cut it out so you have an opening in the middle of the house. This is where you are going to place the sandwich bag so you can see the beans and seeds growing.
  • Draw a line in the middle of the roof and let the kids write their name on their house.
  • Fold the paper towels and get damp with the water but not dripping. Place them in the ziplock bag.
  • Place the beans on top of the paper towels and seal the bag up.
  • Tape the bag to the backside of the paper house making sure the beans face to the front.
  • Tape it to a sunny window. Have your child check on their beans every day to see what is happening.
  • Over the course of time you will see the beans and seeds that you plant in the sandwich bag start to grow.