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handprint Christmas Tree towel hanging on the stove door in the kitchen

Christmas Tree handprint towels

If you are looking for a fun Christmas Tree handprint craft then you are going to love these super cute Christmas Tree handprint towels. This Handprint Christmas tree craft is so easy to make and they make adorable gifts! This Christmas Tree handprint towels craft is easy to make and you only need a few supplies to make them!
Author Lauren


  • Red tea towel
  • Dark Green, Red, Blue, Brown, yellow and light green fabric paint – This here is a great NonToxic Fabric paint
  • Paper plate or paint tray
  • 1 Foam paint brush – You can grab a 25 pack for around here
  • Thin tip paint brush


  • Take your paper plate or paint tray and squirt the dark green paint on it.
  • Then paint your child’s hand with the green paint. You can use the tray and have them dip their hands in the paint, or you can use the foam paint brush to paint their hand. Do whichever is easiest for you.
  • Place child’s hand on the towel, repeat for however many handprint Christmas Trees you want on the towel. Depending on your kids hand size will depend on how many Handprint Christmas Trees you can fit on the towel.
  • If you want to darken the paint up a bit you can, by going over the handprint with more paint. It is all personal preference on how you want them to look. If you are going to go over it with more paint, do that now.
  • Using the thin tip brush and brown paint paint the stump of the Christmas tree at the base of your child's handprint.
  • Let the paint dry a little bit, and then use the other color paints and the fine tip paint brush to make little dots on the tree for the ornaments.
  • If you want to add the date to the bottom of this handprint Christmas craft, use the thin paint brush and black or green paint to put the date on the bottom.
  • Allow the paint to completely dry before use.
  • Follow the directions on your fabric paint when washing your towels.