About MidgetMomma

Welcome to MidgetMomma.com!

Hi! I’m Lauren (aka MidgetMomma) I am 4 foot 10 1/4 inches tall (updated 8/6 last week for my insurance paperwork they measured me and told me I am now 4 foot 10, so I have apparently shrunk ūüėČ ). And I am sure you are wondering why the name “MidgetMomma”. I have always been short and just like everything else in my life I took things as it came. I have always been short and happy to be me even if someone else thought my height was a bad thing. I was “gifted” the name Midget in high school, which I say gifted now but teased might be a better word however I try to look at the positive on everything in my life. I have never had any issues with my height and while people tried to use my height as a negative towards me I tried to not let it affect me.

I embrace that I am short and I feel everyone should embrace who they are and how they were made. No matter what a person looks like, or what they believe in they should always be proud of who they are. I want everyone to have the courage to be themselves and I want the negative things associated with so many words including the word Midget to disappear and we all love ourselves and each other for who we are and for us all to be proud of who we are.

We have an awesome community here and on our facebook page where the love, respect and open arms for everyone is enjoyed. The community of people has made it so we can have discussions on topics that are sometimes ones that cause uproar to be had with respect of others on the page and the ability to agree to disagree with out disrespect. It is my favorite thing about everyone who is a part of the MidgetMomma family.

I am married to my husband Tom and the mother of 3 kiddos РMcKenzie, Logan and Alyssa. we also have 2 furry family members, Tucker and Jazmin (cats). I am a coffee addict, if you see me about 90% of the time there will be coffee in hand. I have grown to love cooking and testing out new meal ideas.

This blog is me in the online form, I share my life, my stories, my families stories, things I love (from movies, to deals, recipes and more), places we visit, things we try out, recipes we love and more! MidgetMomma.com is now a family thing as well since the kids have joined in the job of testing out new products from toys to movies and they love giving their opinions on things.

Over the past 9¬†years since becoming a family when we got married we have been through many challenges and successes in life. Our challenges in life are what have gotten us to where we are today and while at times things really sucked I wouldn’t change any of it. ¬†As a whole our family believes in sticking together, making the best of every situation and doing the best that we can in what we do. Living life to the fullest and enjoying all the special moments is important as our kids are only young once and for such a short time and life is only what you make of it.

Life hasn’t always been a walk in the park for us but when the tough times came up it was our sticking together and enjoying each other that made us able to make everything work out. Financially our life hasn’t been easy going and coupons is how we make things work and I also use this blog¬†to help families like mine stretch their dollars, make memories together and enjoy life. Life is not going to go as we plan it to so rolling with the punches of life is¬†essential¬†to keeping sane :)

While you are here you will find deals, tips on how to save money, product reviews on awesome products that my family loves and enjoys that I think your family will too, fun things to do with your family (both frugally and non frugally because of course you save money to be able to have fun and splurge on other things), travel, entertainment and sneak peeks on up coming movies and TV shows, a look into our life with parenting stories and other randomness, recipes, crafts and so much more!

We are so glad that you have stopped by to visit and excited to give you a peek into our life and sharing information with all of you. We are a family just like yours with ups, downs, smiles, laughing, crying, yelling, a house filled with love, toys, mess and family and we are excited that you are now a part of the MidgetMomma.com family too!

Want to learn more about us? You can read the full background information about us here.