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Homemade Pancake Recipes Perfect for Breakfast

Nothing beats homemade pancakes. There are so many different pancake recipes that you can never go wrong!

We love making a large batch of pancakes for breakfast or for breakfast for dinner and then freezing the pancakes for easy breakfasts later.

Pick your favorite pancake recipes, make them for breakfast now or make them for putting in the freezer to enjoy when you are short on time but still want a tasty pancake for breakfast!

Tips for making the best homemade pancake recipes

Do NOT over mix. You want those clumps in your pancakes, they are vital to making pancakes fluffy. If you over mix the batter you will end up with tough, unfluffy pancakes.

Don’t flip your pancakes too soon (or too late). When you see the bubbles starting to pop flip that pancake over! Overcooking pancakes will also make them tough and unfluffy.

Grease your pan well. It is also important that you grease your pan well. Pancakes will stick to a pan if it is not greased enough.

What to serve with Pancakes

There are lots of tasty sides to serve with pancakes for breakfast. Some of our favorites are:

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