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Appetizer Recipes

Looking for amazing finger foods and appetizer recipes that are perfect for a party, BBQ, get together or just because you want to have some tasty food while the main dish is cooking? Then you are going to love these Appetizer recipes!

We have everything from finger foods, party dips and more that are easy to make. These recipes are perfect for feeding a large crowd some tasty goodness before the main dish!

With so many appetizers, there is for sure to be something for everyone with this list of party appetizer. Everything from make ahead appetizers, easy dip recipes and everything in between! We have all the easy appetizer recipes you will need for hosting a party!

Some of our favorites are fried mac and cheese, Taco cups, homemade soft pretzels!

How Many appetizers to make?

If you are having a party with 10 or less guests make 3 appetizers.

10 - 20 party guests, have 5 appetizer options, 20-40 guests serve 7-9 different appetizers and 40 or more have 10-15 different appetizer options.

How Many Pieces Per Person?

When I am making appetizers I stick to planning 3-5 pieces per person if serving as a before dinner snack.

If you are having a party that is only appetizers being served, up that to 8-10 pieces per person for a 2 hour party.

Tips for Serving Appetizers

Since appetizers are individual bites of a dish it is easiest to serve them on a serving platter with toothpicks or small plastic skewers. Then have plates or bowls next to them for people to place their food on.

Dishes like fruit salad, pasta salads and dips can be served in small plastic cups for easy serving.


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